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Hi and thanks for visiting "Purple Sage Designz"
Handmade Hippie Creations

Hi, my name is Angelika and I operate this small online business.
The woman behind Purple Sage Designz LLC :)
My husband and I have registered Purple Sage Designz LLC as legal business company in Oklahoma. My former business name was *RETRO CHIC BOUTIQUE* and I used to create 60s and 70s inspired retro clothes. Over the years I have changed my focus on Hippie inspired patchwork clothes and hats.
As my business evolved I received many orders for my tams and they have been my best selling products ever since.
But I still have a passion for anything vintage, especially for 70s items, patterns and music...I am a bit "vintage" myself:) and a lot of my daily items like clothes or house hold goods come from thrift stores.
Many years of crocheting, knitting and sewing experience will bring you a lot of beautiful quality handmade clothes and accessories, made with lots of care and good vibes.
I am happy that there are still Hippie people around who live with "love, peace and happiness" on their minds and in their souls.
I live in Ponca City, rural Oklahoma, with my husband Sid and we enjoy the slower country life and beautiful nature that surrounds us.
Purple Sage is not only a healing herb but also one of the plants used in Native American spiritual and cleansing ceremonies.
I was born and raised in Germany and English is my 2nd language. The elders in my family had great interest in preparing teas from dried local herbs. Chamomilla was usually the first remedy when we got sick as children. In that respect my Native American husband and I share our beliefs in nature's healing power.
He and his relatives keep up the tradition of sweatlodges to purify minds and bodies. A prayer ceremony as elementary as can be. The earth (where you sit), the water (that you sip), the fire (that heats, hot lava rocks, also referred to as the GRANDFATHERS) and the air (that you breathe).
I always feel honored to participate.
Handcrafted traditional or utility items play an importante role in our lives. The process of creating a One of a Kind quality good is very satisfying and I am very grateful for my customers to come and buy my creations.
There are a lot of cliches about being a Hippie. I see myself in the tradition of saving resources, modesty in my lifestyle and financial needs, recycling and re-using whenever possible, working at home in the tradition of "cottage industries" of the past.
Thanks for looking and supporting the independent craftspeople in America!
All items are made in our smokefree home. My blog for more info:

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